Sybolism. By Danny Jackson

What symbolism do we see in the U.S. flag? The stripes represent the original 13 Colonies and the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag are symbolic as well; red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance and justice….

The more I think about it as I write this post…The closer I come to the realization that this so called meaning is only representative of one point of view. To go further I would like to provide my own symbolism and meaning in this post.

I’m first going to start with the Stars. To me these stars represent our presence in all 50 states. People of color including so called white people. We all have color. It’s your choice whether or not to continue believing the racist LIES you’ve been told..I will just say in the famous words of Edgar Allen Poe: Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.

Secondly The Color Blue .. To me what that blue represents is the PURSUIT of VIGILANCE PERSEVERANCE AND JUSTICE. The key word here is pursuit. It represents the actions we are taking as a nation to achieve these ideals and the men and women that put themselves in harms way to pursue them. That means anybody standing up for their right to a better future for themselves and their offspring. It also represents the history of this pursuit regardless of how ugly it may be.

3rd, The White Stripes. In these ugly times we live in, they could not possibly represent purity or innocence. To me, these stripes represent the paper that the constitution was written on, the frauds perpetrated on indigenous people of this land and the amendments that have been fought for to mend the consequences many people have suffered as a result of colonialism and yes white supremacy.

Finally the Red Stripes. To me these stripes represent the blood of my ancestors. This is mixed blood. This blood was spilled on every battlefield, on every plantation and every new frontier ever explored on this soil. It was spilled for progress. It was some time spilled maliciously. It represents a blood sacrifice and a paid in full receipt for my freedom.

In conclusion, I want to leave you with a few words. As a country, we have a past. We do not live in our past because it is behind us but we also don’t want to forget it..We should never forget where we came from! The reason for this is that we don’t want to make the same mistakes that caused us to have to pay such a heavy toll in blood again..We need to remember the cost of the journey and the sacrifices made for us to enjoy the things we have today… If we fail to do this then we will lose it all and find ourselves right back in a position that requires another heavy toll.We are not here to re write history..we are here to make it. Move forward.

Nothing New Under the Sun By Danny Jackson

Is this our new norm?

This video of a mother being assailed by armed men reminds me of the Willy Lynch letters, whereas they inflict violence upon the parent in front of the child. The child views “mommy” or “daddy” as their angel from heaven or saving grace until these types of images undermine the parental figure in that child’s world. Whereas one child will develop fear of the police and become compliant, adapt or assimilate to the “order” other children begin to view the police as tyrannical rather than protective. When events like this occur in view of a child, that child’s sense of right or wrong causes the child to view law enforcement in one of two ways, either as an enemy or as an ally. Sadly at a very early age some develop distrust toward the police.

Some people ask, after a bombardment of social media videos showing unarmed people of color being gunned down in the street.., Why did they run? Why didn’t they stop? Why did they resist? Here is your answer. They grew up watching scenes like this happen in their neighborhoods. So did their parents from a very early age..and their parents parents…and their parents parents parents all the way back to you know what in the case of some African americans. In this particular case the young lady may have provoked another human being to react rather than respond. However delicate the pride of those boys in blue on that day may have been, they still should have taken into consideration the child before they conducted such a violent take down of her mother. Luckily someone was there to record the event.

Even before camera phones were around to capture these acts, this has been the norm in neighborhoods that are primarily occupied by minorities. The difference is now we can see it with our own eyes. Over and over again we can rewind the tape and yet… we don’t have to rewind it. The media indirectly perpetuates it by “over programming” which exacerbates peoples sense of charity toward victims of this type of brutality. It causes people to develop “compassion fatigue” . After seeing programming every night depicting these kinds of images, where at first they were outraged now people are tired of seeing this. It’s like hitting the same nerve over and over again until you can no longer sustain the irritation, so you turn it off. People move away from what pains them. That sad part about that is , at least in these kinds of cases, we should be moving toward the pain and confronting it together…but is this our new norm? I don’t think so. There is nothing new under the sun.

Into the Future…

Into The Future by Danny “Art Mecca” Jackson

Live Love and Laugh. This is the answer to the question. This is the anecdote of life. So loftily optimistic and yet so substantive it is to think that this is the meaning of life…to Live Love and Laugh. Surely you have heard the old proverb about the man who slaves day in and day out working his hands to the bone, perniciously spending his youth building someone elses vision only to be given a few coins at the end of his day in order to acquire his life necessities. Though this hard worker possesses all the qualities bestowed by his creator to attain the heights of man’s divine potential he lacks something. Vision. You see, he doesn’t question his lot in life because his eyes have not seen past his own suffering. The stomach rumblings, the cold nights outside and the sense of bewilderment are enough to lead him back to that grind stone. Little does he know that beyond that stone is a land filled with milk and honey. Little does he know that a future as bright as the sun awaits him if only he would dare to travel a distance into the unknown.

This is where we are going. We are headed into the unknown to experience and be inspired, to collect the content needed to keep visioning and to build that land filled with milk and honey for our future generations. There is no turning back on this journey. We must travel full speed ahead into the future…and while the present time is ever changing, remember that we are prepared like never before to manage our necessities and that we will make it through those stomach rumblings and cold nights because we are equipped with a sense of direction and destiny. Even more so, we are equipped with the determination and tenacity needed to overcome hard times and to achieve an even greater future than we ever imagined before. Be encouraged! You have what it takes to attack and accomplish your goals. Make the decision to give it your all and remember…..TISISAYSME Time is Supremely Important So align your Steps Move and Execute. D”AM”J