Into the Future…

Into The Future by Danny “Art Mecca” Jackson

Live Love and Laugh. This is the answer to the question. This is the anecdote of life. So loftily optimistic and yet so substantive it is to think that this is the meaning of life…to Live Love and Laugh. Surely you have heard the old proverb about the man who slaves day in and day out working his hands to the bone, perniciously spending his youth building someone elses vision only to be given a few coins at the end of his day in order to acquire his life necessities. Though this hard worker possesses all the qualities bestowed by his creator to attain the heights of man’s divine potential he lacks something. Vision. You see, he doesn’t question his lot in life because his eyes have not seen past his own suffering. The stomach rumblings, the cold nights outside and the sense of bewilderment are enough to lead him back to that grind stone. Little does he know that beyond that stone is a land filled with milk and honey. Little does he know that a future as bright as the sun awaits him if only he would dare to travel a distance into the unknown.

This is where we are going. We are headed into the unknown to experience and be inspired, to collect the content needed to keep visioning and to build that land filled with milk and honey for our future generations. There is no turning back on this journey. We must travel full speed ahead into the future…and while the present time is ever changing, remember that we are prepared like never before to manage our necessities and that we will make it through those stomach rumblings and cold nights because we are equipped with a sense of direction and destiny. Even more so, we are equipped with the determination and tenacity needed to overcome hard times and to achieve an even greater future than we ever imagined before. Be encouraged! You have what it takes to attack and accomplish your goals. Make the decision to give it your all and remember…..TISISAYSME Time is Supremely Important So align your Steps Move and Execute. D”AM”J

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